Colmar, France



My perfect vintage Xmas dress...

Just finished this dress in time for Christmas!

This is what I mean when I say I sometimes forget who I am. I can be so busy with my work and family life, that I sometimes forget what I love doing most in my precious spare time:


For this dress, it's the first time I made a toile first, but in the end I still needed to adjust the side seems on the final fabric.
I'm not sure yet if the toile making is something for me, that's why I can't wait to get started on the sew along here, where the use of making a toile first, will be explored further.
This dress is from a Burda pattern, but only with a skirt lining. I wanted to have a full lining in the dress, think that's way more comfy to wear. I used the original pattern to make the full lining, except for the sleeves.
It worked out perfect!!


Hmmm. Sometimes I realy need to remind myself of who I am...


Paris team meeting.

Love my job!
For the meetings we stayed at Maison Mère and Pavillion du Lac, The hotel was the Mama Shelter Hotel and we had dinner at the fantastic restaurant Derrière..