I can't wait to get started in my new garden. There's a small glass house too, so slowly I can start to grow my own veggies!!! Yeah!



Ice skating in my home town, home made bread, macarons and merengues, Max' magic beans and 57 crane birds:done!
Love it!



Today I read the lovely blog Tussenpozen, where I found below picture of a senbazuru.

The senbazuru comes from an ancient Japanese legend that says a wish will be granted to anyone who folds 1000 paper cranes. Today, senbazuru are given as good luck wishes at weddings and births or hung in the home. Often, they will be given to loved ones in the hospital, to wish them a speedy recovery.

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Here you can see how to make one. I can't wait to get started!


Hemelse modder

Melt 200 gr. Dark chocolate. Add 2 fresh egg yokes. Whisk cream (2,5 dl) and make 1 cup of coffee. Add whipped cream and coffee. Fill little cups with the chocolate mousse. Store in fridge for 1 night. Enjoy!!

Early morning light 2